Don't start Mixing Drums until you've done this!

Let's get our phase alignment nailed down with SoundRadix Autoalign to give us the best possible start to our drum mix

Don't start EQing your mix until you get this right!

I can’t stress how important getting the phase alignment correct is before you start mixing drums.

It’s going to make mixing so much easier. I’m going to use SoundRadix AutoAlign to detect the correct phase alignment for these drums I’m mixing. I’m sure you can hear from the before and after, in the video below, how crucial this step is before you actually start making critical mix decisions.

We're most interested in getting our shells (kick, snare and toms) to sound as big and powerful as possible so we're going to start with the snare as a reference point to build from.

You must have all the track unmuted and playing back when you click detect.  Its probably best to solo the mics you're working on so you can listen and hear what the alignment process is doing.  If it doesn't sound better either try again using a different part of the song or just remove the plugin

Step 1 - Align Snare to overheads

Set the Snare top mic to SEND1 and the overheads to RECV1 and click detect. 

Step2 - Align Snare mics

Set the bottom snare mic to RECV1 and click detect

Step 3 - Align Kick to overheads

Set overheads to SEND 2 and Kick (IN) to RECV 2 and click detect

Step 4 - Align Kick mics

Set Kick IN to SEND 3 any additional kick mics to RECV3 and click detect

Step 5 - Align Tom mic (optional)

Set Tom to REVC 2. play overheads and toms and click detect.  If you have separate tracks for the overheads, like left and right,  you can set a different SEND on each and the appropriate RECV of the toms depends on their position on the kit

Look out for part 2 where i also tackle multi-mic’d bass and guitars and you can hear everything together with and without the phase alignment

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