Putting my Reaper Mix Template into action

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So you might have already seen my video regarding my Reaper mix template.  Just in case you haven't, here is the link-  My REAPER mix TEMPLATE (2020) So I gave an overview of the template and the various routing and processing that happens.  I decided to do a follow-up video where i apply the template to an actual mix.  You can see from importing the audio files into the project through all my usual processing.

I go through topics like:

  • how I use my parallel compression,
  • parallel sub-bass processing on the drums,
  • reverbs,
  • group processing with saturation and compression,
  • bass distortion
  • low-end processing and much more

I hope you like this more practical video and it helps to demonstrate how to use the template more effectively and also a quick insight into my mixing workflow

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