Trigger Your Drums the RIGHT WAY!!

Don't be lazy and just slap Slate Trigger on your audio track and assume its not going trigger accurately. IT WON'T!!

The only way your should be triggering your drum samples.... from Midi.  Period!  Here's why

  • no danger of mis-triggers
  • no missing ghost notes
  • complete control over velocities

This might take a bit longer than triggering off of your audio but, trust me, its worth it!  Now, there are a few ways you can create the midi.  Some DAW's even have some build in tools to achieve this, like Cubase but we're going to focus on two 3rd party tools available to everyone.  Slate Trigger and Toontrack Superior Drummer 3.  

Slate Trigger

Firstly, you want to instantiate Slate Trigger on your drum audio track, like your snare top mic track.

click play and adjust the input so that the louder hits touch the top of the transient display window

Adjust the Detail control so all the snare hits are outside the bounds of the two lines.  Orange indicators will appear to give you a visual that the transient has been detected

If you are not getting the orange indicators on hits you know to be snares, adjust the sensitivity control until you pick up all your hits.  Better to get more hits now and delete some later than trying to manually add missed triggers

play through the entire song to enable slate trigger to detect all the hits

Once that's completed, drag the midi to a new track in your DAW.  Click and hold the "Drag on Track" button under Midi Capture

Now move your instance of slate trigger down onto the new midi track (or instantiate a new one), click settings, make sure Midi In is enabled and the note corresponds to the midi note exported by trigger.  

NOTE: This might be just for Reaper users but the midi note C1 in Reaper doesn't trigger if slate is set to C1.  I have to set slate to C0

Now, of course, check through all your midi and make sure there is no mis-triggers and everything looks clean.  

Here is a video where i explain exactly how i do all this

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