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Finally, learn how to EQ with confidence

Take your mixes to the next level, create the demand for your services and gain the reputation you deserve with this EQ training course

EQ is one of the core concepts of mixing used to create space and depth and texture in your mixes.  If you don't lock this down right now then you'll struggle to deliver the vision for the artist, band or producer.  EQ IS learnt from experience and practice but here i give you all the tools to fast-track that learning and get EQing fast and efficiently

Learning how to EQ is one of the most effective ways of improving your mixes....and when you can EQ quickly and intuitively, you can mix faster and more consistently allowing you to take on more work and deliver reliable results to your clients

  • Nearly 4 hours of video content designed to help you level up your EQ game
  • Learn about all the different types of EQs available and tips on when and where you should use them in your mixes
  • Learn the top-down mixing strategy to EQ so you can make the more effective and efficient moves
  • Watch as i breakdown my EQ approach for all the individual instruments in a typical rock mix
  • Watch as I show you how i approach EQing a song from scratch and also as i break down all the EQ moves from finished mixes
  • I'll show you examples from a wide variety of genres ranging from alt-pop to black metal
  • 2 BONUS Multi-tracks to download so you practice what you've learnt
  • Download my bonus EQ Cheat sheet

What You're Getting Inside My EQ Training Course

- 35 videos with over 3 hours of video content

- 24/7 INSTANT and lifetime access (including all updates)

- access to a growing community of like-minded audio professionals, amateurs and everything in-between to support and encourage you on the way

Course Curriculum

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A great course for understanding EQ

This course really helped me understand where, when and how to apply EQ in mixes. Simon is fantastic at explaining not just the basic concepts of EQing but also taking you into many specific examples across many instruments and songs. It gives you a really good understanding of how you can apply it to your own mix, not a one-size fits all approach or a template for how to EQ each instrument.

7 months ago

Great for a beginner like me

I like that this course presents a global approach to mixing, very accessible to beginners, while getting into the details of EQing. It feels very complete, but approachable. Love the choice of songs in this course, Simon is very enthusiastic and has a soothing voice.

7 months ago

Great course for getting into EQing

The course gives a nice introduction to the basics of EQ. It covers different types of EQ with their historical backgrounds as well as practical mixing advice. Simon explains the content clearly and passionately. There's mixing advice for various styles of Rock and Pop music. While i think the course is great for beginners, I am looking forward to more in-depth courses on EQ and mixing for students on an "intermediate" level.

7 months ago

This is how people should explain EQ

This course explained the EQ process in the most simplistic and effective way I have ever seen. So many times teachers over complicate things because they already have the knowledge and it makes sense to them but Simon did a great job at breaking down each process in a way that anyone can understand. This course is much more valuable than it cost.

7 months ago

Ok so how much does it all cost???

  • Mixing Mastermind EQ Training Course
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I'm going to include the full multi-tracks for my track called Cognition Theory so you can practice your EQ moves if you don't have any multi-tracks to play with

Learn how to mix
online mixing course


I'm going to include the full multi-tracks for a track I produced called A Storm is Coming (featuring Flora Lin) so you can practice your EQ moves if you don't have any multi-tracks to play with

Frequently Asked Questions

I can only base my actions from the experiences i had when i was learning how to mix and although there now exists many great resources online which didn't exist when i started 10 years ago, one area still seems to be lacking and that is mentorship.  With the technology available now, I can directly help you on any mixing project you're stuck or need some help with.  These days we're mostly left to learn on our own and there is plenty of bad habits to pick up and with no one to tell you otherwise they become entrenched in your workflow.  My goal is to be able to bring back the old style of mentorship and training that was available IF you could land a job at a big studio back in the day but i want to bring this forward into the digital age to help more people and provide the type of one-on-one training that I wish I had when i was learning.  These courses are just a stepping stone to that

Well fair enough.  If you want to learn more about me then there is a video below where i talk for 45 minutes about myself, my experiences and my vision for this.  I get that i'm not CLA or on the "A list" of mix engineers, at least not yet, but i do have experience and i know that can empower me to help others.  I have learnt from some of the top mix engineers in the world and i've gone through the struggles of learning to mix on my own so i know what i takes to go from my mixes "owning" me to me to feeling in control and producing consistent and quality results that my clients pay a good price for 

you can check out my mixing portfolio at www.blackartaudio.net

I would say this is beginner to intermediate level.  I cover a lot of the basics around EQ like the parameters and what they do on a standard EQ but i go into advanced features to like dynamic EQ and mid/side and i show you how i implement all these into your mixes

I don't feel like this course is a huge investment financially and I've done my best to ensure the quality is as high as possible but if you're really unhappy with your purchase then just mail me at Simon@mixingmastermind.academy

EQ Training course

Simon Jameson

Your instructor!

Over 10 years experience working with many underground metal acts such as Schammasch, Zatokrev, Vorga, Echolot and more.  Full-time studio owner and entrepreneur based in Basel, Switzerland.  Dedicated to helping up and coming mix engineer with the issues he faced whilst learning to mix and master

There is a video to the left if you want to learn more about me and my experiences and my vision for mixing mastermind but be aware its quite long!